3/ 27/ 2020

CST Co. COVID-19 Response

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Maximizing Results from Collection Agency Referrals

11/ 22/ 2019

Your staff collectors have done their best and gotten nowhere. It's time to refer the account to an agency. That means it's time to provide the agency with all the documentation they will need and to provide it quickly, maybe through access to your computer files.

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Collection Management--'Be Quick but Don't Hurry'

11/ 1/ 2019

Looking for competent collectors? So is Pete Roth, president of CST Company, an agency specializing in commercial collections. Like Roth, even in these labor-tight times, you're likely to find an abundance of experienced consumer collectors available. But how can you judge whether these candidates will be able to make the steep ascent in commercial collections competence?

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Why use a certified agency

2/ 2/ 2019

See our list of reasons why you should use a certified collection agency.

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Don't be afraid to SUE

8/ 8/ 2018

It's hard to know whether or not to sue. The outcome of litigation is uncertain. When you are at the point of trying to decide whether or not to invest money for suit, there is only one thing of which you can truly be certain; if you don't take the risk and proceed, you will not be paid or have any chance for recovery!

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Value of an asset search

2/ 1/ 2018

Is an asset search worth the cost? As a creditor, you are trying to decide whether or not to file suit. An asset search will reveal information about the assets that may help you make the right decision.

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Announcing our new Bankruptcy Monitoring Service

7/ 19/ 2017

Drowning in paperwork? Let CST Co. give you a hand!

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Free Services from CST

12/ 12/ 2016

Some things in life really are free. Contact CST for FREE information on your accounts over $5,000! Our debtor search may assist you by identifying accounts that have already been placed with CST by others.

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What does the legal term "discovery" really mean?

11/ 16/ 2016

Once a defendant (usually the debtor) files an answer to the summons and complaint filed by the plaintiff (usually the creditor), both parties are given the opportunity to "discover" all evidence the other side possesses to support its position in the lawsuit.

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The A-B-C's of an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors

7/ 14/ 2016

An Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (commonly referred to as an ABC) is an effective, quick and cost-effective method of liquidating the assets of a financially distressed debtor without going through the US Bankruptcy Courts.

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