$5000 Plan

How much would it cost you to make an unscheduled, face-to-face visit with that larger balance past-due account that continues to try to string you along?  When you include a possible flight, car rental, meals and at least one night’s lodging, the amount spent could be substantial.  Of course, that figure doesn't even include the cost of being out of your office for a couple of days.

What if you could have a professionally trained agency representative make the visit for you? …one that calls you while there if a consultation with you is needed, or calls immediately upon leaving your debtor to outline for you what happened?  How about if the representative also takes a picture of the debtor's operation, so you can see exactly what you have been dealing with?  What would it cost to have your present agency make this visit within 48 hours, so you wouldn't have to?

With CST Company's $5000 Plan, you can substantially reduce your cost in collecting larger balance accounts (less than one-half our standard commissions), and have a personal call made on your debtor within 48 hours anywhere within the continental United States.

Armed with your supporting documentation for the account, one of CST Company's outside representatives will make an unannounced visit with the debtor company.  The representative is tasked with impressing upon the debtor the need for addressing the issue immediately, and making full payment.  You will often receive a phone call from our representative while they are meeting with the debtor firm's decision-maker.  Upon completion of the visit, the CST Company representative will call to provide you with information on the visit’s outcome.  A picture is also taken, and a written report is provided to you through the inside CST Company adjustor assigned to the account.

As the name suggests, CST Company's 48-hour $5000 Plan is reserved for larger balance accounts of at least $5000.  A good street address is needed, and the account must be actively doing business.  Along with the necessary documentation, a non-contingent fee of $495 is required to offset the travel cost of the program.  By paying this fee, the contingent rate on the account will be less than one-half CST Company's standard rate.  This special rate will remain in effect as long as the account is handled in-house.  If a local attorney must be engaged, standard legal rates apply.

This service can often be your Key to Collections on larger past-due accounts.  Please click CONTACT US for more information on the $5000 Plan service and rates.

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