Accounts Receivable Management Service

Many agencies have an outsourcing service available to their clients, but often the customization is according to what works best for the agency, instead of exactly what you need.  CST Company created ARMS to suit your company’s style of doing business, thus maintaining your customer's loyalty and reducing write-offs, due to lack of contact.

When an A/R department takes on additional accounts, or finds itself temporarily short-staffed due to maternity leave, illness or injury, ARMS can step in to help.  Our service helps to manage the work necessary to maintain coverage on your company’s receivables.

Your customers are unaware of CST Company’s involvement since we telephone and correspond with them in your name. We call to determine when payment will be made and uncover any problems or disputes. At the end of the program, an activity report recaps the calls made to each account.

Our ARMS process can be customized by the number and combinations of letters and phone calls that each account will receive, over the period of time you require.  Per account pricing will be determined by the frequency, type and period of contact.

CST Company's ARMS program is not only designed to supplement A/R department efforts when staffing problems arise, but it also helps to determine the time at which third party collection service may be needed.

ARMS not only acts as an extension of the credit department, reducing your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding), but also gathers information for your marketing department.

CONTACT US for more information on how ARMS can help you.

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