Free Demand Service

Free Demand has been one of CST Company's services since shortly after we entered the collection industry in 1927. We pioneered this as a means of attracting new clients, and since then, Free Demand has become a service standard throughout the industry.

Our Free Demand is designed to help you determine whether a past-due account is merely a slow-pay issue or a true collection problem. When a customer drifts outside their normal payment pattern, submit the account to CST Company using Free Demand. If your customer immediately responds to the notice with payment, you've impressed upon them the need to stay current--at no cost. Just contact us and advise that the account has paid in Free Demand and we will close our file.  If your debtor does not respond during the Free Demand period, you don't have to touch the account again.  Your account is already in CST Company's hands, and the earlier placement promotes a quicker settlement and minimizes the possibility of total loss or the need for litigation. 

Utilizing Free Demand through our web site provides several options to help you make your Free Demand more effective.

Once you complete the placement form, choose Free Demand and submit the account to us.  A pdf of the Free Demand form is created and displayed for you.  You may print it for immediate mailing, or speed the process and get the greatest benefit of the Free Demand period by saving the form and sending it to your delinquent customer as an email attachment.

You also have the ability to customize your Free Demand when using our web site.  We can place your company logo on the top of the demand form, to make an even stronger impact with your delinquent customer.  Submit your logo in almost any high resolution graphic, such as .gif, .tif, .jpg, .png, etc.  Our IT department will modify it to properly fit across the top of the Free Demand form.  We can also add your trade association logo to the Free Demand form, if it is an association that we serve as their official collection agency.

For assistance on using Free Demand, please click CONTACT US .

NOTE:  The use of a Free Demand notice is for commercial accounts only.  Sending this form to a consumer/individual is an FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) violation on the part of your company and would subject your company and CST Company to possible penalties.  This violation could also result in legal action against both parties.

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