Immediate Action

Free Demand is waived and collection work begins immediately upon placement.

If an account has aged far beyond terms, utilizing Free Demand will generally prove fruitless.  Rather than give your debtor the extra time period of Free Demand to move even further down your aging, we would recommend you protect your company's interests by having CST Company immediately begin work on the account. 

If this account is delinquent with you, the company may also be past-due with other suppliers.  Acting immediately may put you further up the line of all those making demand for payment.  Arrangements may also be made for a personal visit with the debtor, if warranted.

Submission of an Immediate Action account may be made through the web site, email, fax, phone, etc.  If there are numerous accounts to submit at one time, contact us for assistance in how accounts and supporting documents may be submitted electronically.

CST Company can also work with your department to make arrangements for us to securely retrieve account backup documents, which will mean less work for you and your staff.

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