Written Demand Service

Have you been searching for a competitively priced letter program that you can use for your small balance accounts?  CST Company's Written Demand Service has proven to be the answer for many clients.

Written Demand Service was designed to address the issue of getting third-party contact on those accounts that are just too small to warrant a significant investment of time, but too large or too many to just write-off, without making a concerted effort to collect.

Especially on small balance accounts, the need for consistent third-party contact is imperative.  But a lack in process and customization can doom a letter-writing program to failure.

Process and customization are the foundations upon which CST Company has built its Written Demand Service.  With WDS:

  • You can use CST Company's proven letters, or customize your own to meet your needs and incorporate your corporate image.
  • You can decide the number and frequency of the letter demands.
  • You can determine the term of the program.

Written Demand Service is an effective and economical letter demand service that not only pays for itself very quickly, but also serves notice to even your smallest customer that you are serious about them staying current with you.

WDS is priced based on the customization of the program. No advance purchase is necessary; you pay only as you utilize the service. 

CONTACT US for assistance in using this Key to Collections on your small balance accounts.


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