• > Best Practices for preparing an RFP

    CST Co. is a founding member fo the Commercial Collection Agencies of America. Using a certified agency insures that adherence to professional standards.

  • > Bankruptcy Facts and Information

    This article provides answers to commonly asked questions related to bankruptcy.

  • > Credit Application and Guaranties

    This article provides timely information for credit managers responsible for establishing credit and credit limits. Sample forms are available for a credit application and a personal guarantee.

  • > Improve Recovery

    This article provides specific information about the use of a personal guarantee (sample form provided). Further, suggestions are made as to the type of records that you should maintain with regard to the extension of credit and the sales transactions.

  • > The Value of a Personal Guarantee

    Written by Murray S. Lubitz, and originally published in Commercial Law World (a publication of the Commercial Law League of America, CLLA), this article was written to provide practical advice to credit managers based on his years of experience litigating matters involving personal guarantees.

  • > Is an electronic signature binding?

    Written by Steven A. Harms, this article addresses the position of the courts with regard to electronic signatures such as those contained in a fax, email, or Internet transactions.

  • > CST's President Pete Roth work to defy debt collector stereotype

  • Published by Louisville's Business First, Roth explains how CST has been successful in the commercial collection business since 1927.

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